Maserati’s Electric Alfieri Is Set To Hit The Road In 2020

Technology is changing the world and everything in it. It’s changed the way we communicate and over the past few years has had a major influence in transportation. We’ve seen a number of electric rides coming down the line, most notably from Tesla. Today, however, Maserati throws their hat in the ring of e-power, offering up a look at their latest creation; Maserati’s Electric Alfieri.

The new ride is set to hit the road by 2020 and looks to be a competitor to the Porsche 911. This pristine ride matches identically to the gasoline version scheduled to drop in 2019, though rocking an all-electric approach. The ride offers a sleek and stylish appeal on the inside, while the standard Maserati luxury is found in the interior as well. Clean doesn’t do it justice. Have a look at the pristine new ride in the images below and waiting patiently, 2020 will be here before we know it! Head over to Maserati and learn more about their latest machine immediately!

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