Marvel Editor in Chief Axel Alonso Re-Creates Classic Hip Hop Album Covers as Comic Books + What Marvel Character Fits You Best?

Whether you were a child collecting comic books or a super fan of the Avengers movies, Editor in Chief Axel Alonso probably helped you develop that love in one or another. One of the brilliant minds behind the Marvel comics stopped by to hang out with the Sway in the Morning crew giving us an inside look at one of the most timeless brands.

When you think of how popular the comic books are still to this day despite the climate shift towards everything being online vs. print, it is amazing. One word: Innovation. Whether it comes from the stories that are constantly evolving to reflect our culture (for instance Captain America is African American, Thor is a woman and the Hulk is Korean) or the new “Infinite” comic books that has special effects and motion activated elements on the iPad – they are consistently reinventing themselves to stay ahead of the curve while staying true to Comic crazed fans. It is a great balance they have found and thrive in.

Expanding even further with their new line of hip hop album inspired comic book covers, they hit a gold mine. What an incredible concept to combine the two worlds, both of which fans collect for years. Even though everything is digital now, we are 110% sure you still have tapes or CDs of some classic albums the exact same way Marvel fans have stacks of classic comic books they read while growing up. The beautiful thing about what they did was bridging the generations of readers spanning from Public Enemy to Straight Outta Compton to the Carter II to J Cole covers.


We have included a few to check out after you enjoy the full interview below as he goes into the creative process behind it. Love seeing the imagination run wild and push out great products like this, super dope! Hats off to Axel Alonso and his entire team – keep up the great work.











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