Today, Maroon 5 releases their new track, “What Lovers Do,” featuring the rising TDE star SZA. This has been a very busy year for the talented lady, as she has released her debut album CTRL, which focuses a lot around the principles of love. This isn’t the first time Maroon 5 has collaborated with a TDE member, last year the group teamed up with the megastar, Kendrick Lamar, so for them to call about SZA is only right.

“What Lovers Do” comes off as a radio friendly type of record, that is very up-tempo and upbeat. SZA glides on the track with her soothing vocals, and catchy hook. The producers, Ben Billions and Jason Evigan, created this track perfectly to where both SZA and Maroon 5 could glow throughout this entire track.


Listen┬áto Maroon 5’s new track featuring TDE’s first lady, SZA.

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