Nicki Minaj Puts Down Some of Her "Sugar" to Maroon 5's Hit Single

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

It wouldn’t be a proper single, being titled “Sugar” — without some sweet Nicki Minaj lyrics sprinkled over it.

Furthermore, Adam Levine does say in the track, “I need a little sweetness in my life.” Therefore, the man got what he wished for.

Sugar” is the third single off of Maroon 5‘s V album and yes, The Barbie has given the (already popular) track, a sugary coat as she raps:

I got the Now & Laters and Jolly Ranchers too / And any questions, bet I got the answers too / These shoes are Cavalli and these pants are too …

The beau also puts down a small and familiar sound to her chorus, singing:

If you need it / Then Imma put it on ya / and Nothin’ sweeter / You want this sugar don’t ya

It’s a fairly short verse, but they do say — the best things that are said, are short and sweet. Right? No? Well if they don’t, I just did. Take a listen, down under:


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