Mark Ronson is a familiar face and friend of SITM so it’s always a special treat when he stops in.

Citizens hardly know what they’re going to get when he shows up, last time we world premiered “Uptown Funk” which blew up into something all of its own. It’s always fun watching the trajectory go into another space and become a moment in music history, that is exactly what “Uptown Funk” gave us.

As a friend and producer of the late great Amy Winehouse, Mark took a few minutes to rewind back to the documentary that he believes showed her true genius and exactly what made the film stand out in his opinion. Fans all loved her music but the behind the scenes stories are what make her talent all the more impressive. Ronson details working with her on records like “Rehab” as well as helping Adele find her lane naturally. Between those two artists alone, his name is probably music royalty in most circles. Not to mention working with the likes of Duran Duran, Q Tip and many more!


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