Mark McGrath Shares Embarrassing "Shart" Moment Opening for KISS, Loving Big Screen Roles and Tests His 90's IQ

Sugar Ray‘s lead singer to most, TV personality/host to others and a fixture from the earliest Sway and King Tech days, Mark McGrath, stopped by Sway in the Morning for a fun discussion. The on-air chemistry reminds you of two old friends catching up throughout, showing exactly how Mark has been able to effortlessly transition from music to hosting television shows/awards and even movies such as Sharkanado 2 or even more recently Joe Dirt 2.  He definitely is staying busy between the big screen and his initial passion of music taking to the road once again for the ‘Under The Sun’ tour in support of his first ever solo EP project.

You can check out the full interview below, including a hilarious moment during his first ever arena show opening up for the legendary KISS.

UTS Tour

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