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Winning over people’s hearts during his time on “Sex and the City,” Mario Cantone is one funny guy.  Swinging through Sway in the Morning to promote his new play “Steve” in which his real-life husband plays his stage husband, Cantone finds a way to joke with everyone in the studio.

During his time Cantone has the whole crew in stitches as he speaks on the role of gay actors on television.  With people saying they are now forced to watch homosexual relationships on modern television, Cantone jokes that he has been forced to watch heterosexual relationships all his life.

Speaking on different roles he’s had in his career, Cantone explains how much he loved working with Dave Chappelle.  Wrapping things up, Cantone plays Keep It Real with DB and the result is nothing short of hilarious!  Check it out and follow Mario Cantone on Twitter @macantone.

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