Margaret Cho Discusses Being in a Monogamous Relationship for the First Time, Marijuana Lube & Plays “How Would You Handle It”

Someone who is always open to speaking her mind, Margaret Cho recently stopped by the Sway in the Morning studios to discuss her new Showtime special “Psycho.”

Things quickly turned from work to pleasure as Cho brought up her new relationship.  Having been in an open relationship for 20 years she opens up about being monogamous for the first time and how it finally feels like the right move for her.

Going into more detail about her personal life, Cho explains that she used to be a sex toy tester.  Her favorite new product?  Marijuana Lube.  Having been an avid pot smoker for some time Cho shares her joy of getting high while being intimate.

To learn what else the hilarious Cho spoke about check out the full interview.

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