Make Memories On The Extreme Tornado Tours

Make Memories On The Extreme Tornado Tours

Often when we think of vacation, we do not think about putting ourselves in danger for the sake of a thrill. Well, okay some of us do, however, vacations are generally relaxing and luxurious. Today we get a unique approach to your next adventure as we get a look at Extreme Tornado Tours. This is the best possible way to experience a twister up close, letting you get a full scope of the intense power and intimidating conditions in the process.

Extreme Tornado Tours operates out of both Oklahoma City and Denver and are run by experienced professionals. The trip includes Hotel stays for your 7-10 day excursion and a guaranteed window seat in the van. All you need to worry about is your food, flight, and camera, while they provide the views and the scenery. Check out the images below and give us your thoughts. To plan your excursion head over to Extreme Tornado Tours immediately.

Photos provided by Extreme Tornado Tours

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