Make A Better Than Traditional Lasagna With This Savory Recipe

Look, deep down we all love that classic Italian dish known as Lasagna. It is a staple, and it is quite an iconic dish that we have all experienced a time or two before. Well if you are looking to put together your own lasagna, we have got a recipe today from the good folks over at Eazy Peazy Meals, who put a unique twist on your tradition lasagna.

This recipe offers up a savory and amazing flavor that comes from a combination of hot Italian sausage, caramelized onions and garlic red sauce, mushrooms, and petite diced tomatoes, with creamy ricotta cheese and mozzarella. Sure, this is not your easiest recipe, but the final results are certainly worth your time and effort. Do yourself a favor and check out the recipe right here, right now and stay tuned for many more great recipes coming soon.

Photos provided by Eazy Peazy Meals

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