Maino and Uncle Murda Speak on Aggressive Content on “Yellow Tape” + Break Down Lyrics and Perform Live

The combination of Maino and Uncle Murda is a dangerous duo to tangle with. Speaking on the likes of Baby, Lil Wayne, Drake, Meek, Rihanna, Travis Scott, Lamar Odom, Tyga, Kylie Jenner and Ronda Rousey all in the first verse of a track, their new project “Yellow Tape” holds nothing back lyrically!

Joking about being the most uncensored mouth in hip-hop, Uncle Murda speaks on teaming up with Maino to bring Brookyln together in a time where it seems to be tearing itself apart. Speaking on the beef between Joey Badass and Troy Ave the duo express that they didn’t feel the timing was right to get involved in the situation.

Speaking on the music the duo admit that the content of their project isn’t for everyone but the sounds and melodies are top notch so people who don’t necessarily agree with the lyrics will still rock with it. Reading off different track names from “Shot Every Day” to “F**ked Yo B**ch” to “Shooters on Deck” we hear Maino and Uncle Murda break down the lyrics to the tape’s biggest name dropping sensation, “Uncle Murda Rap Up” which touches on all the names listed above.

Stepping over into the concert series space the duo perform “F**ked Yo B**ch” and “Favor For A Favor.” Ending things off by touching on subjects from Donald Trump to Biggie, this interview and performance if full of quotables and moments that will make you double take. You can watch the interview above and the performance below and head to iTunes to grab “Yellow Tape: King Kong & Godzilla.”

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