Maino and Uncle Murda Can Really Relate to the Struggle Ahm is Facing on The Breaks

Maino and Uncle Murda Can Really Relate to the Struggle Ahm is Facing on The Breaks

By Soraya Joseph

It’s no secret that art hip hop has the habit of imitating life, and The Breaks is no exception to the rule.

Recently rappers Maino and Uncle Murda sat down at Peaches restaurant in Brooklyn with Sway Calloway to open’s weekly digital series about The Breaks. The intro episode finds two of Brooklyn’s most respected rhyme slingers talking about their transition from the streets to the industry. A career path that the show’s character Ahm (played by actor Antoine Harris) is currently trying to navigate.

Inspired by the ’90s hip hop era, the popular VH1 movie has returned to our screens as a series and the drama was so thick in the first episode. One thing that stood out was the conflicts Ahm was facing in his day job as a street hustler while being introduced to the music industry as he moonlights as rapper. Maino touched on how he felt the fictional rapper mirrored his own previous struggles with transitioning from the street game into fame.

“That was the biggest issue for me. The transition from being a street dude and trying to get into the music business. Being in the street is what we know, it feels like home. Being in the street and doing things in that realm. What scary is getting into the industry or trying to get into the industry because you’re on some land that you’ve never been in before.”

That’s crazy! Watch the full video clip above, and be sure to tune into The Breaks every Monday at 9/8c, only on VH1!

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