Maffew Ragazino Dedicates "Long Kiss Goodnight" to Notorious B.I.G. in Latest Video

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

With chilling sound bites of Notorious B.I.G. intertwined throughout the video, Maffew Ragazino inserts some quality lyrical verses.

B.I.G. is heard opening up the video, as he states:

What advice would I give to young rappers? Take control of your sh!t… Don’t be a stupid rapper. “A stupid rapper” is (the type) that has somebody else tell him what to do. It’s not always wrong, but if it’s something that you feel that you don’t have to do, you really have to question it …

Let’s be real. You have to have some major huevos (balls) to put Pac and Biggie’s name in the same context. Nowadays, it’s just rare to hear the late Greats — Tupac Amaru Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. being respected and supported together, in a single track.

But Maffew Ragazino did so, in “Long Kiss Goodnight” and he did it well.

The visuals follow Maffew in a snow-filled New York — between St. James Place and Fulton Street.

Candid glimpses of the streets of Brooklyn, with the voice of late legend, Notorious B.I.G. are perfectly edited to move viewers with the visuals. If you don’t know who Maffew Ragazino is yet, take a moment to peep this Biggie Tribute video, as it provides a real outlook into the world in which he lives: Brownsville, Brookyln (New York). Watch below:



Maffew was on Sway In The Morning not long ago throwing down bars off the dome — while the legend, Scott Storch played original live beats. It was pretty incredible. Take it back one time:

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