Maco Interview: Why He Officially Dropped the “OG,” Brilliant Strategy with Music and Life + Clears Up the Beef with Future

Video by Nahgee

“OGG is not a crew, it’s a company” — and the “OG” in Maco’s name has officially been dropped. You can now call him by his original name, Maco Mattox.

It was a pleasure to have Maco in-studio with us for an intellectual interview about his strategic moves, his growth and Hip Hop’s true tragedy. And how, through his friendship with Rick Rubin, he’s inspired to not be a rapper — but a rock star.

Maco also cleared the air about a misunderstanding in his interview with Huffington about Future, saying his music is “destroying countless lives.” He explains that they straightened it out and even tweeted about it.

Salute @1future . We just had a real n***a conversation. The media and hate will turn positives into negatives if you let em. No more ?s .

Watch above as Maco talks about why he created U Guessed it, and balancing between making music “the people” want to hear and making music that you want to make.

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