Macklemore’s Offensive Costume Was A ‘Massive Misunderstanding,’ Ryan Lewis Says

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By Nadeska Alexis via MTV

Macklemore caught some serious heat this week, after sporting a costume that fans regarded as anti-Semitic, during a Seattle show, but Ryan Lewis maintains that it was a “pretty massive misunderstanding.”

Lewis was in New York City on Wednesday (May 20) to co-host a beat battle contest with designer David Bitton, and he addressed the outfit that Macklemore wore during the secret weekend show.

“Anybody who knows Ben knows the human being that he is,” Lewis told MTV News. “I think one of the key things, reading his statement, that I think is true, is that our music speaks for itself and the organizations that we’ve gotten behind throughout the last three to four years speak for themselves.

“I think the entire thing was a pretty massive misunderstanding.”

Macklemore himself issued a statement of apology, explaining to fans that he never meant to offend anyone with the outfit, which he put together randomly before the show.

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