Mack Wilds Is Looking For Love… That 90z Love

BETMusic Matters teamed up with Mack Wilds to promote his new single Love In the 90z off his coming album. In order to attend, you had to retweet and follow BETMusic Matters. The event took place at Santos Party Haus and had a full turnout. I had the chance to go up on a Tuesday with one of my best friends. He performed Bonnie & Clyde, Own It, and Love in the 90z and bid farewell to the crowd much to our dismay. As he started to walk away, the crowd chanted “One More Song, One More Song,” which was so hilarious. Another girl yelled out “How you not gonna perform Hennessy?!” and the crowd laughed. Mack informed us that he was only allowed to perform a certain number of songs and walked away. I thought to myself “That’s It?” But to my surprise, he slowly walked back on stage and said “Nah, F*** That! We gonna keep this going.” and the crowd went crazy. Take a listen below.


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