Mack Wilds and Producer Pete Rock Discuss Why Hip Hop Hooks Are a Major Key

by Soraya Joseph

Media personality Sway Calloway recently took another trip down hip hop memory lane when he linked up with The Breaks star Mack Wilds and legendary hip hop producer, Pete Rock, at Platinum Studios. While at the iconic music landmark, Mack and the “T.R.O.Y” producer discussed everything from how changes in technology have impacted the music creating process, to collaborating on Mack’s 2013 debut album, New York: A Love Story. The 27-year-old actor/singer even revealed that his goal with A Love Story was to create the R&B equivalent of Nas’ own Illmatic. Dope!
While on the topic of reveals, Mack also shared the inspiration behind his Breaks’ character, DeeVee.

“When we were starting to work on The Breaks… the 2 people that I tried to put together to make DeeVee were Pete and Premo [DJ Premier]. I was like, what would that kid be like? With sprinkles of Q-Tip in it.”

Pete Rock, DJ Premier and Q-Tip? Now that’s what we call a triple threat!

Watch the interview webisode below.

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