Mac Mall Speaks on Lessons from Tupac and Mac Dre + Reads Powerful Excerpt From his Book “My Opinion”

Video by YSKSK

There’s always a special energy in the Sway in the Morning studios when someone from the Bay Area steps in and takes a seat. Coming up alongside legends like Mac Dre, Tupac and Khayree, Mac Mall is a staple in the Bay Area community and has put out hit records such as “Ghetto Theme” and “Sic Wit Tis.”

Explaining the intricacies within the Bay Area, Mac Mall candidly opens up about legends from Tupac to Mac Dre to E40 and many more. Although there are many cities in the Bay Area, he speaks on companionship between them all and how music brought them all together.

With his new book “My Opinion” out now we hear the heartbreaking story of a car crash that killed Mac Mall’s friend, inspiring him to write in order to cope with his loss. Reading the excerpt he wrote recalling the scene that day, Mac Mall leaves the room silent.

Check out the exclusive interview above and head to Amazon to grab your copy of “My Opinion.”

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