Lyric Michelle is Transparent in “Directions”

Chicago-born, Houston-bred poet and MC Lyric Michelle falls in the class of artists that value making music with substance. For her 2011 debut, she covered J. Cole’s “Lights Please” and has since received our blessings for other thought-provoking songs, “This & That” and“The Motive,” that address meaningless songs and being objectified, respectively.

Lyric and Fat Tony tap into a real issue for many, the dilemma of lacking direction in life’s pursuits. On the chorus, Lyric sings, “I can’t find the map / I Don’t know where we at / I don’t know where to go from here.”

The bass and piano-driven funk pop track produced by Chris Rockaway is based on Lyric’s life. Lyric’s decision to pursue a career in music did not go over well with her parents who wanted her to take another path. “With traditional Nigerian parents (a fact me and Tony share), I never really felt like I had a choice in how I was supposed to live my life,” she said in a statement to Yahoo Music. “I don’t really blame my parents because they came to this country with nothing and worked their whole life sacrificing for me and my three brothers, hoping we would succeed.”

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