Lyfe Jennings Reflects on Growth as a Man, Says “Hello” (Adele Cover)

Lyfe Jennings has stood out from day 1 thanks to unique blend of pain, passion and that raw emotion delivered in a way only he can. Although, we haven’t been hit with as much music as we’d like from the one of a kind talent it appears 2016 will change all of that.

The ever growing popular track from Adele “Hello” surfaced late last October and covers have been hitting the net at a rapid pace but not many like this. Lyfe Jennings decided to put a little bit of a “hood” touch on this one as he looks back at how far he’s come as a man in life and in relationships past. One of the best “Hello” covers you will here, not only because it is coming from a honest male perspective but it serves as a warm up for his expected album dropping later this year.

Enjoy the honest, appreciated cover as Lyfe says “Hello” below:

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