Luxury & Rural Living At Studio Razavi’s Mountain House

Luxury & Rural Living At Studio Razavi’s Mountain House

Getting away from reality is a great way to refresh and bring things back to center. While we have seen some beautiful getaways, today we take a look at a luxurious and rural retreat that will certainly let you unplug from the modern world. Today we get a look at Studio Razavi’s Mountain House. This beautiful chalet home is located in the village of Manigod in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of eastern France. The home features a beautiful wooden construction that features concrete accents throughout. The architect Alireza Razavi spoke on the design stating: “In order to circumvent these limitations we took great care in analysing historical buildings so as to understand what their forms accomplished and how they shaped the local architectural culture. We then integrated this information into our design, avoiding all artificial and obsolete elements while making sure that the building was entirely code compliant.”

The home has a stacked layout that features distinct layers with separate purpose and function. The ground floor features the entrance and car parking, while the first floor contains all the bedrooms. The second floor features the living spaces, while the entrance features a concrete base that also leads to a small space featuring a stone floor where changing in and out of ski gear is done. Wooden boards on the walls provide a warm, welcoming touch while painted surfaces break things up a bit. Razavi added; “We wanted to make sure that the design reflected some of the historic features of this place, and I think this is how design becomes more interesting than just being disruptive for the sake of it.” Have a look at this beautiful getaway in the images below and stay tuned for much more from the world of travel coming soon. Stay tuned for much more coming soon!

Photos provided by Studio Razavi

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