Luxury In The City Of Lights At Tour Eiffel In Paris, France

Luxury In The City Of Lights At Tour Eiffel In Paris, France

Sure, Summertime may feel like the perfect time to be in the tropics, but if that is not your speed, we have got something worth checking out. Today we get a look at the Tour Eiffel In Paris, France, a beautiful location that features room for four while providing some stunning views of Paris. This beautiful destination features chic and intimate luxury.

Along the way, we find access to all the hotel services of La Réserve de Paris, a five-star hotel, and spa. Here you will find a swimming pool, fitness center, steam room and library. The interior of the retreat offers up queen size beds, en-suite bathrooms, and televisions, while one boasts a rain shower and a balneotherapy tub. The beautiful views and effortless access to the best that Paris provides make it a great getaway and an amazing way to vacation this Summer. Check out the stunning location below and start planning your trip to Tour Eiffel in Paris immediately!

Photos provided by Luxury Retreats

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