Luxury Awaits At Les Palmiers In Baie Rouge, St. Martin

Luxury Awaits At Les Palmiers In Baie Rouge, St. Martin

Sometimes all we need to get back to normal is a bit of a break. Well it is Summer, and it is time for a break from life and time for a vacation, and today we have got a great spot to do exactly that. This time around we take a look at Les Palmiers In Baie Rouge, St. Martin, a beautiful and luxurious retreat that boasts room for two. The one bedroom, one bathroom design is simple and luxurious, offering up a beautiful beachfront location for your private getaway.

The home is host to a beautiful pool and patio area that offers plenty of fun in the sun, as well as a private appeal. The villa is more like a private French Creole cottage with outdoor spaces for al-fresco dining and lounging. The interior is beautiful and modern, offering up a classic approach throughout. The home features dark furniture and lush décor in serene creams and tan fabrics, while the beautiful polished marble floors make a nice touch. This is the perfect place for a private getaway and a luxurious one at that. Have a look at the images below and give us your thoughts in the comments. Start planning your trip to Les Palmiers immediately.

Photos provided by Luxury Retreats

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