Lupita Nyong’o Speaks on Her Most Recent Freestyle, Twerking +”Queen of Katwe”

Lupita Nyong’o Speaks on Her Most Recent Freestyle, Twerking +”Queen of Katwe”

Actress Lupita Nyong’o has already broken down barriers in the entertainment industry by being the first Mexican born actress as well as the first Kenyan citizen to win an Academy Award. Joining Sway in the Morning earlier this week she opened up about her new film “Queen of Katwe” and the barriers her character broke in Uganda.

Starting the interview off talking through her rap on Instagram to celebrate 3 million followers, Nyong’o reveals that she first stumbled across rap through Kris Kross. Joking that she too wore her clothes backwards she talks about the genre resonating with her feeling of youth while growing up in Kenya.

With all her audacity and passion, Nyong’o tells Sway about her family dynamic growing up and watching her father’s passion as a political activist in her home country. Never afraid to voice his opinion she says she took note of what it meant to be a human citizen.

Jumping into “Queen of Katwe” she tells the crew that although she grew up neighboring Uganda, she had much to learn about the language and certain customs while researching the role. Being lead along the way by her co-star and Uganda native Madina Nalwang, Nyong’o says the two cooked together and went shopping to learn customs.

Moving on Nyong’o embraces her spot as an influential woman of color as Tracy G praises the way she carries herself. Always following her dream she says that it’s incredibly inspiring to hear affirmation behind her actions.

Before the interview is done she takes a call from a listener who asks about the experience of filming “12 Years a Slave.” Candidly responding she goes on to say that she learned the emotional history of slavery in the United States. She also speaks on attending the National Museum of African American History and Culture over the weekend. Watch the full interview above and make sure to see “Queen of Katwe” in theaters starting this Friday.

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