Lupe Fiasco's LAST INTERVIEW & FREESTYLE: Opens Up About His New & BEST Album, Thoughts on Kid Cudi & President Obama

In one of his final radio interviews ever, Lupe Fiasco stops by Sway in the Morning for an explosive conversation about his “best album,” Tetsuo and Youth, candid thoughts on Chicago, and his indifferent feelings about album sales.

While in-studio he stimulated our minds by asking which we’d rather have…

“A nice life with no hip hop, or f***ed up sh*t with n****s rappin on the corner?”

Later explaining that it’s “hip hop culture, not black culture.”

Releasing his 10th album, Tetsuo & Youth, Lupe calls this his best project to date — comparing it to history’s best art and why/how it’s value grew.

Fiasco carries on the candid conversation — and holds nothing back — while mentioning Kid Cudi and Azalea Banks. “F**k him,” and “F**k her,” he boldly states.

Before we got into his FINAL radio freestyle, Lupe names some up-and-coming rappers that inspire him. Even naming some Sway in the Morning-friends, Kendrick Lamar, Loaded Lux, Daylyt and more

Watch below and let us know your thoughts! Grab Tetsuo & Youth HERE.

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