Lupe Fiasco Tells Us No Matter What, You "Just Might Be OK" in Latest Visual Release

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

You just might be okay, after all / The sun gon’ shine / On this day

That is the message Lupe Fiasco is trying to send out to the world. With the news breaks from Baltimore to Nepal — positivity is crucial. Luckily, we have MC’s like Lupe Fiasco who continue to spread that energy.

In his latest track-release titled, “Just Might Be OK” — Lupe finally unleashes the visuals to this track. And while it is important to focus on the uplifting lyricism between the bars that he spits; it’s safe to throw out there that Lupe has come far from his “kick push” days, as the MC keeps it true-to-form in this video. Not shying away from the situation in Baltimore; as a forewarning, he ends the visuals with raw clips from the protest, and a quote stating:


Watch the full video, below:


The great Chi-town MC made his way to Sway in the Morning and blew everyone away with his dope 4-minute freestyle, by the way. Check it out:

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