Lupe Fiasco Calls On Fans to “Pick Up The Phone”

Lupe has the innate ability to take storytelling to an entirely different level giving human characteristics to objects that you otherwise wouldn’t think to, stretching back to his Revenge of the Nerds days in “Twilight Zone”. While this tale doesn’t go so far as to lose casual fans, it still hits home with the die hard Lu followers connecting the dots to the modern day obsession with technology and constant attachment we all have to our cell phones.

The brand new video brings life to his track “Pick Up The Phone” as he delivers quality only a few can…especially this consistently. It’s going to be a sad day once he finally does decide to stop pulling his Jordan jersey down from the rafters and hangs up the mic for good. Until then we get to enjoy one of the most creative artists to date with another one.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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