Luke James Delivers His Self-Titled LP In Advance

Though the new kid on the block, singer Luke James has not only generated an impressive buzz, he’s secured a feature from Rick Ross as well. Delivering his self-titled Luke James album a few weeks early, he’s made the entire project available for streaming via his YouTube channel.

Check out the track listing and stream the 14 track project in it’s entirety below:

  1. Love XYZ
  2. Dancing in the Dark
  3. Don’t Do It (Interlude)
  4. Trouble
  5. The Run
  6. Glass House
  7. Exit Wounds
  8. TimeX (Interlude)
  9. Options (Featuring Rick Ross)
  10. Insane/Bombin Out (Interlude)
  11. I Want You
  12. Expose
  13. Make Love to Me
  14. Options (WolfJames Version)
  15. Stay With Me


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