Ludacris To Become “Artist-In-Residence” at Georgia State University

Ludacris To Become “Artist-In-Residence” at Georgia State University

Acclaimed rapper and actor Ludacris has announced that he will join Georgia State University’s Creative Media Industries Institute this fall as an “artist-in-residence”.

As a former student, Ludacris says he feels connected to the university and student body as well as the direction that the university is headed.

With over twenty million records sold to his name as well as a successful movie career, it’s obvious that Luda will have a lot of industry experience and expertise to offer the students and staff of Georgia State.

Big props to Ludacris as we hope to see more artists take advantage of their respective individual platforms in the future to serve as examples for college aged students looking to build successful careers for themselves in the entertainment industry. One thing’s for sure though, it’d be pretty damn cool to have a class or seminar taught by professor Ludacris!

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