Ludacris Clears Up: Drake, Bill O'Reilly, 2 Chainz, Paul Walker, Marriage and New Music

As Ludacris gears up to release his 8th album, Ludaversal on March 31, he paid Sway a visit for what appears to be his best and open interview.

Luda has been in the game for over 15 years, and explains why there was such a big gap between his last album and this new one — 4 years to be exact. He explains to us how it has to do with balance, rolling out a slew of musical content backtobacktoback, to focusing just on movies.

Regardless of the break, Chris Bridges is treating his 8th project as his first — hungry as ever.

Fun fact: When he first signed with Def Jam, the forecasted him to sell only 500k records. He sold over 3 million. Beating out Jay Z! He was also the only Southern act signed to Def Jam at the time.

While hanging out with Sway, he opened up about his family. The abusive home as a child and watching his Father battle, and sadly lose his life to alcoholism. He elaborates on how important it is to be there for family and tell them you love them.

In an extended conversation about his loved-ones, he opens up about groupies, taking a paternity test for a child who wasn’t his, accused by a woman he had never met, taking custody of his child and the real reason he got married.

Luda has stood the test of time, evolving through ever-changing eras and still maintaing relevance. He talks to us about DTP and 2 Chainz’s success then versus now — and even being able to out-rap superstars like Kanye and Jay.

In a deeper conversation about life outside music, Ludacris candidly speaks about Paul Walker and his untimely demise. He opens up about his last memory with him, just 7 days before the deadly accident, and how he got through the mourning process. After 4-5 months of the tragedy, collectively their team decided to carry on with Fast & Furious 7, knowing that Paul would have wanted that.

Watch below as this undeniable multi-faceted artist also weighs in on politics, Bill O’Reilly’s apology and his major milestone moment — even advice to newcomers in the game! You will be left inspired.

Ludacris’ new album, Ludaversal is in stores now, get your copy here.

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