Luda wants to "Call Ya Bluff" in his new video

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

We’ve missed Ludacris. He’s been in and out of the big screen, but thankfully he’s back behind the mic.

Luda has released the official audio track for his song, “Call Ya Bluff“, which is penciled in to feature on his upcoming eighth studio album — the anticipated Ludaversal.

(Side Note: By the looks of the visuals — Luda’s been hitting the gym pretty consistently)

With that being said, Luda goes back to the basics in his latest visuals. don’t say he’s gone Hollywood on us — as he raps,

I done sold over 20 million records / I could give a f*ck about retail / Back to Adidas with the fat laces …

He continues to spit,

Age ain’t nothin but a number / Luda rappin like he just turned 24 (Happy Birthday) / Any rapper wanna forget who I am / Every now and then I see ’em gotta let ’em know

He’s juiced up, guys. Got the bottom grillz in and all — so y’all better quit playin’. Watch as Luda “Call Ya Bluff” below:


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