Holly From “Power” Speaks on Being Empowered by her Small Breasts on Camera + her Reaction to Seeing 50 Cent Naked

While spite and aggression don’t come naturally for Lucy Walters, she has the whole country fooled by portraying Holly on the Starz series “Power.” Growing up in Texas, Walters always dreamed of becoming an actress but it always seemed like a fairytale. Working hard and seeing every role coming out of the University of Texas as an added bonus to having fun she opens up about finding something that set her apart in order to land jobs.

Getting into her role on “Power” Sway jokes that he really doesn’t like her based off what she’s done on the show. Talking about the liberating feeling of not having the pressure of being liked she jokes that it’s her job to love Holly no matter what she does on the show. Comparing her to Yoko Ono she says when she’s on set she whole heartedly believes that everything Holly does is the right thing.

With controversy spinning around 50 Cent’s disapproval of Starz showing his penis in a scene, Walters simply jokes at what went wrong claiming she has no idea what happened. Joking about feeling much closer to him now she dives into being exposed on the show herself. Dealing with some doubts she says she came to the realization that she needs to fully embrace her body to show people that every body type is acceptable. Everyone still gets naked and has sex, she jokes.

Check out the full interview above and keep up with Lucy Walters on Twitter @lucytwalters.

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