Louis Carr Talks Upcoming Men-Only DLS Success Conference + Gives Financial Advice on Sway In The Morning

BET Media Sales Executive and published author Louis Carr came by Sway In The Morning to discuss his upcoming event. The Dirty Little Little Secrets Conference is a men-only event that promotes, guides, and educates men on the importance of money, health, relationships, and entrepreneurship.

Carr explains, “anytime you have a long journey, you have to learn things along the way.” He follows this by mentioning Chris Gardner and Daymond John, two men who started from the bottom and reinvented themselves repeatedly to ensure their success. He continues, “these men [who will be at the conference] all have a story when they were down and now they’re up.”

The show continues to talk about other facets of success, such as dressing, accountability, being flexible in order to grow.

Check out the full interview and get your tickets for the conference here. Citizens, you can get $50 off by entering the promotion code ‘DLSCitizen’ before purchasing. Happy grinding!

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