Over his 30 years at President of Media Sales at BET, Louis Carr has brought in over $4.5 billion in advertising dollars. Joining Sway in the Morning to speak on his new book “Dirty Little Secrets” Carr shares some of his keys to success.

Starting things out by talking about Sway’s new partnership with BET for the show “One Shot” which premieres on August 23rd, Carr talks about the major sponsor for the show and the big marketing push to get it in front of people around the country.

Rolling into his new book Carr says he wrote the book to thank those that have helped him get to where he is and also to guide younger people who are looking to be great at whatever they do. Talking about being a student of information he talks about a few chapters in the book, one being on reinventing yourself constantly to keep up with the ever changing world. He also speaks on not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone and embracing being called special.

During the rest of his time Carr speaks on the power of black Twitter and explains that it’s a sector of Twitter that is embracing black culture and black lifestyles. He ends the interview by telling a story about getting to ask Bill Clinton during his presidency, the answer he received was spot on. Watch the full interview above to find out what it was. You can keep up with Louis Carr on Twitter¬†@LouisCarrTV¬†and head to LouisCarrBook.com to grab your copy of “Dirty Little Secrets.”

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