Loretta Devine Opens Up About How Black Families are Portrayed on TV & Adapting to Getting Scripts Last Minute for “The Carmichael Show” in Order to Incorporate Current Topics

Video by YSKSK

Actress Loretta Devine has the endearing qualities of a mother coursing through her veins even though she has no children of her own. Devine jokes that she receives roles as mother for ‘her shade’ while Jennifer Lewis scoops up the roles as mother for lighter skinned shows.

Currently playing Jarrod Carmichael’s mother Cynthia on “The Carmichael Show,” Devine opens up about how incredible it is to work with Jarrod and how she hugged him extra tight during her casting to cement herself in the role.

With more and more families of color being portrayed on TV, Devine opens up about the differences in each. From “Empire” portraying an extremely wealthy family to “Blackish” looking into the life of a middle class family, She believes ‘The Carmichael Show” is able to dive into more topics being that they are portraying a working class family.

Again speaking on the hard work and dedication put into the show by Jarrod Carmichael she opens up about getting scripts much later in the process so the writer can incorporate more current events in real time.

Check out the full interview above and tune into NBC on Sunday nights to watch “The Carmichael Show.”

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