Lord Rab Explains Why "Lord Have Mercy" is Different than Other Bay Area Hyphy Music


Today, Lord Rab releases his first official mixtape, Lord Have Mercy. The Bay Area native, broke down his mixtape with us and explained it as:

“This album/mixtape is representation of Oakland California. In this era of Oakland and Bay Area MC’s there is usually an underlying theme such as “hyphy” or up tempo party music. With this tape I’m giving lyrical content, songs with concepts, (story telling etc.) and the “Young California” sound which originated in Oakland but recently popularized by the likes of Y.G. and DJ Mustard. Oakland is rich in history, it’s the home of the Black Panther Party and Pimping which makes my city a unique place. Outside of Mexicans, there are no gangs in Oakland only “turfs” which means you represent the block your from. I capture all of this in my music. This mixtape should grab the attention of the listeners and make them realize there are hot MC’s in Oakland.”

Stream below and download it HERE. Follow @LordRab.

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