“Lord Have Mercy” Hit Boy, Price of Audio Push and Quentin Miller Killed Another Collab

Squuaaaad. HS87 looks locked in and it’s a beautiful sight to see as Hit Boy, Price of Audio Push and Quentin Miller hook up for “Lord Have Mercy”.

Hopefully this is just a sample of what we can expect on Hit Boy’s second installment of Zoomin’, the first one dropped this past September and has more than a few bangers…then again, why would you expect anything less? No set date on it yet, more so just quality drops until then looks like the plan and as a fan of good music, it’s a great one. In case you missed the track he released a few days ago “Divine Intervention” we’ll just double up the audio for your enjoyment and too many hits has never been a bad thing.

Enjoy the Price and Quentin Miller featured “Lord Have Mercy” below:

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