Look Back at Vintage Miguel in 2008 'Crazy Enough' Documentary

Miguel was ‘Crazy Enough’ to believe in himself from the beginning and it has paid dividends over the years. In a short feature documentary from 2008, we get a chance to see young Miguel as he dealt with being asked to change his name, music/sound, told he wasn’t good enough and basically being forced to sit on the bench thanks to a difficult label situation as he takes us through his hometown of San Pedro.

Even back then his talent was undeniable, playing a few guitar heavy sounds that fans are now very familiar with from the 29-year old singer. Great to see his passion and creativity only developed further using the responsibility forced on him from his parents divorce, an early label situation and a few other bumps in the road to cultivate something positive.

Check out the short documentary ‘Crazy Enough‘ below and catch his last visit to Sway in the Morning afterwards.

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