Look At The Star Wars Death Trooper Python Skin Helmet

Look At The Star Wars Death Trooper Python Skin Helmet

Deep down in all of us is a Star Wars fan. Sure, it may not be easy to admit, but after you see what we have today, you will be okay with your fandom. If you have seen Star Wars: Rogue One, then you were probably captivated by the Death Troopers. These elite soldiers come rocking all black costumes that makes for quite a sinister look.

Well, today we get a look at The Star Wars Death Trooper Python Skin Helmet. This unique design from the accessory manufacturer’s Elemnt features a luxe new approach. The design features a helmet based on the mold used to make the movie’s version, which is then wrapped in real python skin. The helmet also features Elemnt’s emblem in real 24k gold on the backside and comes with a clear case and black base for display. Have a look at this striking piece of art in the images below and speak your thoughts on it after the jump. Head over to Elemnt to get yours today!

Photos provided by Elemnt

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