Logic tells ‘The Incredible True Story’ on his new album

Most rappers rely on radio appearances and listening parties to promote new projects, Logic makes house calls.

Similar to J.Cole’s Forest Hills Drive promo, Logic and his team at Visionary Music Group created an online contest where fans could express their love for the Def Jam emcee for a chance to win an intimate listening of “The Incredible True Story” at their home…WITH HIM!



Yet even separate from the contest, Logic ensured that all of his fans felt like winners last week  with the early release of his album single “Fade Away;” a sound closely akin to the heat that we heard on “Under Pressure” with an airy instrumental and  a fast forward flow.

Any well tuned ear can attest to Logic’s promising future as an emcee from the way that he slaughtered his first album “Under Pressure” to the time that he ripped a nasty freestyle in our Sway in the Morning studio.  The rapper’s sophomore album, “The Incredible True Story” is yet another notch in his belt.

Much like his first album, the 18 chapters of “The Incredible True Story,” include only three guest appearances from Lucy Rose, Jesse Boykins III and Big Lenbo. Stream the album below and let us know whether or not Logic’s Incredible True Story enticed you!


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