Lloyd Speaks on His Relationship with Murder Inc, Losing a Child, Miguel Beef + New Life and New Music

It’s been some time since the man behind hits like “You” and “Get It Shawty” released a project. Joining the Sway in the Morning, Lloyd fills Sway and the crew in about what he’s been up to as of late and breaks down his brand new single “Tru.”

Speaking openly about everything that’s been going on in his life Lloyd opens things up by talking through some family issues that have transpired. Looking to be a positive influence for his brothers Lloyd went back to school to get his GED. With a member of his family battling depression the ATL native says he felt selfish for a period of time as he brought things upon himself.

Sorting out his feelings and emotions Lloyd talks about how “Tru” came about as he breaks down the lyrics with Sway. Mentioning that he feels like he’s lost it all early in the song we hear Lloyd candidly speak on losing a child to an abortion which was out of his control. Always hard to process he speaks on having to understand and be supportive of the mother’s decision.

With lines about forming a new team around him Lloyd brings things back to his days at Murder Inc and says he still often talks to Ashanti and Ja Rule who have both continued to support his music career long after their label relationship ended.

Ending things by singing live he also shoots down the idea of him still having beef with Miguel, something which first started over a haircut.

You can watch above and make sure to keep up with Lloyd on Instagram @blackheadedblackboy.

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