Liz Dozier Lets Us Know How to Get Access to 2 MILLION DOLLARS Through Chicago Beyond. No Gimmick!

Video by PVA Ent

Liz Dozier is a community activist in the city of Chicago who also happens to be principal at Fenger High School. Working with students and building honest relationships during her time at Fenger, Dozier has raised both the attendance and graduation rate as well as drastically reducing the number of arrests made on school grounds.

Taking part in the Chicago Beyond initiative, Dozier has some incredibly exciting news about how people can help Chicago become a better place for kids of all ages. The interview starts with Sway’s dramatic revelation that Dozier has millions of dollars at her disposal for those who are willing to help Chicago Beyond and have great ideas to bring more initiatives forward.

Revealing that Chicago Beyond is giving away up to $2 million for every winning idea to better the community, Dozier explains the rules and the two categories that people can enter. The first category focuses on kids going to and graduation college. With the number of college drop outs staying incredibly high, your idea on how to reverse this stigma can win you a lot of money in aid! The second category focuses on African Americans between the ages of 16 and 24. With 47% of that demographic not working and not in school, Chicago Beyond is looking to put programs into place that will significantly lower that number.

To find more details on requirements and applications you can head to the Chicago Beyond WEBSITE. But don’t wait because the deadline to apply is this Friday, April 29th.

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