Little Simz & BADBADNOTGOOD Float Away in “Our Conversations”

If you’re not yet with it, Little Simz is a 21-year old female MC from England making a lot of noise. Behind the music, BADBADNOTGOOD is a band that gained popularity for their soulful hip-hop covers, and has been producing for some heavy hitters like Earl Sweatshirt and Ghostface Killa recently.

This new joint, “Our Conversations,” courtesy of Red Bull’s 20 before 16 compilation, is a jazzy delight, blending sax, windpipes, basslines, and Simz’ airy voice to concoct a perfectly spacey track. Simz’ is unrelentingly personal and relatable here, recreating conversations that sound like the kind we all have. The 6-minute jam session feels like it whizzes by as Simz’ takes you on a journey and tests every listener’s empathy.

Watch Little Simz take down the 5 fingers of death on Sway below

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