Listen to Thutmose, As He Finds Himself Through Self-Discovery In His New Track, “Blame”

22-year-old, Brooklyn rapper, Thutmose, has released his high anticipated track “Blame.” “Blame,” is about the self-discovery that occurs around relationships in early adulthood. After taking a trip to L.A., Thutmose began working on the track from scratch with Killgraham, the producer. “Blame is the follow up to “Still I Rise,” which released earlier this month.
Thutmose moved to New York from Nigeria, at the age of nine. Being an outsider in the big city of dreams in New York, can always take a kids attention.  His outsider perspective inspired much of his writing at the time, as it became his means of expressions as the best way for others to understand him. “I try to live my life knowing nothing is for certain and to make the most of it,” he says. “I’m one of the very fortunate people that could even move to another country, not everyone has the means to do so.”
You can stream or watch the music for the track “Blame” below!

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