Listen to the Remastered Version of Lil Wayne’s “Pray To The Lord”

Producer StreetRunner has been blessing us with remastered versions of Lil Wayne songs lately and today, he’s decided to drop “Pray To The Lord”.

Lil Wayne gets a little religious on this cut rapping on the hook, “Before I sleep, I pray to the Lord, my soul to keep, and if I should die, before I wake, I pray to the Lord, my soul to take, for goodness sake.”  This track is a cut from Weezy’s The Drought Is Over 3.

StreetRunner explains on Soundcloud: “This was one of the main songs that made me want to mix and master these old Wayne leaked tracks I produced.  This classic had millions of views/listens online and it was the worst possible version anyone could ever hear of this song. Now I bring the fans the new crispy mixed and mastered version. Enjoy!”  Hopefully there’s more to come from Lil Wayne’s vault.  Listen below.

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