Listen To Kyle Rapps’ New Single “Latrell”

The one and only, Kyle Rapps is back! It has been a minute since we last heard new music from Kyle, but today that all stops as he returns with a new track called “Latrell.” The track finds Kyle showing off his lyrical prowess while dedicating the track to his favorite NBA player of all time: Latrell Sprewell.

He spoke about the track and stated “It makes me miss the days when the NBA was edgier and more hardbody. Not to take any skills away from Steph Curry or anyone else, but the softer cleaner, pretty boy vibes do not ride with me as much.” He went on to say “Latrell was more real, more human—with tragic flaws and measured virtues.” Check out the new track in the stream below and give us your thoughts in the comments. Keep it locked for more from Kyle Rapps coming soon.

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