Listen to Kawan’s New Project D.I.D (Dumb It Down)

Listen to Kawan’s New Project D.I.D (Dumb It Down)

Kawan is back with DJ Get It Rite and is pumping out more music. We featured his last project which was full of gems, but the Connecticut emcee felt he might have when over the heads of too many people with the lyrical content. So he has decided to “Dumb It Down”, but not in the sense of washing the content but giving us a more digestible listen with only 12 tracks compared to 24 on his last project.

Kawan is on a growing list of spitters from Connecticut, where the likes of Chris Webby and ANoyd also hail from. It is his time to shine and is stating his case for why you should listen.

Check out the tracklist below and listen to D.I.D. on Spotify.

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