Lisa Lampinelli Jokingly Explains "She Old as 'F', but She's Rich" Mentality + Delves Deep About Using the 'N' Word & Speaks On Her Disapproval With Tom Hanks' Son

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

As a proclaimed Insult ComicLisa Lampinelli goes “Back To The Drawing Board” and sets the definition of an “Insult Comic”, saying:

With comedy, I like connecting the audience. The whole thing about an Insult Comic is everyone feels equal by the end of the show. No one’s better, no one’s worse.

After talking about mentally crippled-disabled-impaired-retarded people; Lisa jokingly continued to poke fun, stating:

Aw man! Everybody is so so so sensitive … But seriously, if it’s something to alienate somebody, I don’t wanna do it.

With the recent news of Tom Hanks’ son, Chet Hanks — who has been in the headlines for the controversial comments he made in which he defended his use of the n-word in his music. And Lisa Lampinelli had some major things to say on-air that she’d like Chet Hanks to know (like not deserving of any of his Father’s riches, not even a car).

Lisa’s newest un-edited venture, which will be premiering at 10 PM tonight on EPIX  Network titled, “Back To The Drawing Board” which she says they let her “be a Gangsta” in. You’re not going to want to miss this hilarious white girl insult not only you and me, but herself too!

It’s all for some kicks and giggles with Lisa Lampinelli and the crew. Catch this sit-down full of laughter as she goes on a rant about being blinded by Sway’s beauty and Heather B’s perfect boobs:

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