Lil Yachty Says He’s the King of the Youth and Doesn’t Know if He’ll Make Music Past the Age of 30 + Hanging With Kylie Jenner & Freestyles Live

At 18-years-old, Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty has skyrocketed to fame over the last few months off his songs “One Night” and Minnesota.” Since then he’s gone on to cover XXL’s Freshman issue and drop a few projects, one of which, “Summer Songs 2” was just released this morning via Apple Music.

Joining Sway in the Morning Yachty is all smiles as he speaks on going from eating in PB&J in his Alabama State dorm room to buying his mother a Range Rover all in a span of 7 months. “Every day is a high point,” he says of life these days.

Boldly stating that he didn’t get into the game to be the greatest of all time, Yachty speaks on his role at ‘king of the youth.’ Recording “1 Night” in a garage without being properly mixed he says he doesn’t know how long he’ll make music as he jokes that he’ll be going Will Smith by 40.

With plenty of haters looking down on his fast rise to the top he says their opinion doesn’t hurt him as music has just always been about having fun. One caller phones in to throw a shot, Yachty’s response is calm as he laughs, “that was fun.”

During the rest of his time on air Yachty speaks on his hope to collaborate with both Lil B and Soulja Boy before elaborating his time spent with Kylie Jenner. Capping things off he freestyles live over an 8Ball & MJG beat that was made when he was 7 years old. Watch above.

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