Lil Wayne Speaks to Genius About Tearing Up After Hearing “Dedication” + 2 Chainz Speaks on How “Duffle Bag Boy” Came Together

The duo of Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz kicked off in the mid 2000’s with the success of Playaz Cirle’s (2 Chainz and Dolla Boy) “Duffle Bag Boy.” Since then the two have collaborated on countless singles leading up to their album “Collegrove” which dropped in March.

The two recently performed in Atlanta and caught up with Genius to speak on the album as well as their 2007 hit. Genius’ Rob Markman kicks things off by asking about the first track, “Dedication,” and what Lil Wayne thought about 2 Chainz’s line “if it wasn’t for Wayne, it wouldn’t be / A lot of dudes in the game, including me.”

Revealing that he was in the car when he first heard the track and made the other passengers get out so he could soak it all in, Wayne says he even shed a tear after the line fully hit him. From “Dedication” to “Duffle Bag Boy” we hear 2 Chainz share the story about how the track came about and what it meant to him to have Wayne on a track at that time.

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